National team in training camp in Duisburg

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Preparations for German-Japan-Bowl start now.

The 45 Members of the American Football National Team arrive yesterday one after another in the sports-school  Wedau in Duisburg. Some in time, some  with a little delay. Also the national team was hit by the flight stop. And so the players from Berlin, Munich or Hamburg just hit the road with new transportation.

The reason for the meeting is a four-day training camp before on Saturday the international match against Japan will take place in the ESPRIT arena in Düsseldorf. "We have excellent training facilities in Duisburg, which is why we are happy for the next few days to be here," said Marshall Happer, the Sports director of the American Football Association of Germany.

And in the first session, it went straight right to the point, the players were not spared. No wonder, are there only seven training sessions to duel against the reigning ViceWorldchampion. Thus, the training last for 150 minutes. Finally, they want to look good against Japan on the field.

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