Japan is on the way

Good news from Japan: Just in time, the situation in the European air traffic relaxed to the point that the fully booked Boeing 777-300ER All Nippon Airways with 350 passengers was able to start today in Tokyo. Destiantion Frankfurt / Main. Also on board the baggage of the Japanese national team, which to take up German-Japan Bowl I against the German national team in Düsseldorf on 24th of April. The first international game between the two leading American football outside of North America-Nations kicks off on Saturday in the ESPRIT arena in Düsseldorf at 19:00.

For the AFVD is the match against Japan, another milestone in a series of events that can be carried out together with the large events and the marketing of specialized partners. After the first two German Bowls in the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt, the Cheerleading World Championships in Bremen AWD Dome and before the European Championships with the opening game and final at the Commerzbank Arena as well as the next German Bowl XXXII in Frankfurt, the German-Japan Bowl is a highlight a very special. The Frankfurt German Bowls were the viewing figures GFL-finals without the participation of "home teams" from the local region, the Cheerleading World Championships was just under 10,000 visitors in two days, the most visited cheerleading event outside North America of all time.

In the North Rhine-Westphalia's state capital is expected that the interest of the many working and living Japanese will ensure that the representation of Nippon is received particularly warm. The German national team, which has committed itself to a victory against the slightly favored Japanese to get the leading role in football outside of North America, will deserve our full support.

What would help the the status of American Football in Germany is in reach: a remarkable fan interest that could be documented in an international match in a prestigious arena with a live TV transmission in large parts of Europe. The German American Football can benefit from that. The GFL season has not started, the GFL 2 pauses this weekend, the weather forecast for Saturday in Dusseldorf promises pleasant spring-like temperatures. Yes, and even an Icelandic volcano, and the German air traffic control just in time have shown a sign of fate! Now it is up to you to joins the historical  German-Japan Bowl event live.

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