60-man roster named for German-Japan-Bowl

AFVD-Leistungssportdirektor Marshall Happer, and the two coordinators of the national team, Brad Arbon (Offense) and Walter Rohlfing (Defense) have named the 60 players who have been listed to be among the 45 athletes playing on 24th of April  the first American football match of Germany against the two-time world champion Japan in Düsseldorf ESPRIT Arena. In the preparation for the European Championship at home (from July 24 to 31 in Frankfurt / Main) the German-Japan Bowl is the last and ultimate test for the German team, which after 2001 sure wants to be the second time European champion.

The composition of the extended squad for the Japan game was already so heavily on the premise that, in essence, the squad for the European Championship tournament in the summer so that should have been. Although the comparison with Japan is in itself itself a highlight of the German match history and more than just a friendly match in preparation: Never the two strongest football nations outside North America had at recent World Championships, the blades have to cross, and it is also the first time that the two nations deny ever an intercontinental friendly. The comparison with Japan is a long-held assets and the whoosh of the national team coaches, for only in a direct comparison can clarify the extent to which Germany can compete effectively with the American Football outside of North America's leading Japanese who already play football since the 30s. Possible the fulfillment of the desire for the duel with the players from the land of the rising sun is only because could be obtained with the Düsseldorf ESPRIT-Arena is a strong partner by the IFO Germany, whose logistical "Esprit" from the dream into reality.

The Executive of the nominees reflect even the current landscape of American football against Germany. Come from 20 different clubs, the players, including seven GFL-2 and two regional league clubs. The wide dispersion and that nearly one third of the players currently not playing for a club in the GFL testifies, not only for the meticulous work that has made the coaching staff in recent months. It also shows that - contrary to some established professional sports - many of the best German Footballer play's homes, whether in club loyalty or professional reasons, and this is not a disadvantage for them if it comes on the radar of scouts the national team to emerge. And now there is also the position of quarterback, which was in many clubs up until a few years occupied almost exclusively American, enough choice for the national team. But this will prove to be final until after the European Championships in all its diversity, before the big tournament the national team set once more on proven strengths: Joachim Ullrich (Marburg Mercenaries) and Dennis Zimmermann (Braunschweig Lions), in their clubs in the GFL have the starter positions held, supplemented by Philip Stentzel (Cologne Falcons), form the trio of game-maker-black-red-gold selection.

60men Roster Germany

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